Monaco Grand Prix Sign Enamel (aged)

Monaco Grand Prix Sign Enamel (aged)

Superb enamel sign which is geniune vitreous enamel and has a hefty weight to it.

Measures approx. 40cm x 60cm

This sign is not a printed tin sign - it's the real deal, and made from vitreous enamel. They have produced them in the same traditional way that was used over 100 years ago. Vitreous enamel is basically glass that has been applied to the steel plate, we then have to build up to an intense heat in an oven, but it's not that simple!  Next we apply each colour separately and then fire each one by one.  The colours have to be fired in the correct order and at different temperatures, to ensure that the previous colour is not affected. This leaves you with an incredibly durable, fade proof, weatherproof enamel sign that is produced in just the same way as the vintage signs that are so collectable today. 

Please note that we have more than one of these signs so the aging/enamel chips shown in the photos my vary from sign to sign but the photos give a good honest representation of the type of aging that the sign you will receive.

If you prefer a sign without any aging then see our other one listed.

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