Aircooled Accessories

Our stunning tattooed AAC girl is now available as an air freshener. She has the scent of cherry ..
text_tax £2.49

Vintage Style Coolbox Really nice quality coolers that we have had produced in some classic colou..
text_tax £79.16

Bay Window Door Edge trims We managed to pick up an original VW set of these for our 64 bug a few..
text_tax £24.99

Front Grille Trims for Early Bay. These trims are so neat, they take their styling and fitment fr..
text_tax £49.99

Baywindow Door Pulls Deluxe fully polished   Top quality precision made from aluminium th..
text_tax £24.99

Originals are now highly sought after and command a premium price and are often in poor condition. T..
text_tax £20.83

Splitscreen Window Vent trims   Really cool accessory that was originally offered from th..
text_tax £49.99

Deluxe Samba trim to fit all years of bus Made from top quality aluminium and fully polished to a..
text_tax £224.99

Highly desirable vintage style mesh headlight grilles for Type 2 Baywindow, 68 onwards Bug, Type 3 F..
text_tax £37.49

  Bay Window handbrake handle made from alluminium, the silver ones have been fully polished..
text_tax £20.83

Nice original accessory made by AAC,  these neat gauge holders were first produced around early..
text_tax £37.49

  Top quality precision made from aluminium, choose from fully polished or deep chrome finis..
text_tax £29.16

Stunning wheels which are inspired by the Vintage Porsche 356 Nardi wheel design. Price includes ..
text_tax £229.17

Australian Rocket Emblem -33%
  Ultra Rare Australian Rocket Emblem   Hood Emblems were unique to Australia and..
£120.00 £79.99
text_tax £66.66

Bundle Deal Mesh Headlight Grilles (baywindow) + Baywindow Handbrake Handle -14%
Special Bundle offer price for the following items: Vintage style Mesh Headlight Grilles + ..
£69.98 £59.99
text_tax £49.99

Bundle Offer Beetle Hinge Covers + Turn Signal Trim -20%
Beetle Hinge Covers These are identical reproductions of a very hard to find accessory.  Ori..
£50.00 £39.99
text_tax £33.33

Bundle Offer Split Bus Drinks Holder + Vent Trims -25%
Split Bus Drinks Holder Version 2 Very cool drinks holder that just hooks through the slots in yo..
£99.98 £74.99
text_tax £62.49

Bundle Splitscreen Dash Grab Handle + Door Pull Handlles -17%
  Splitscreen Dash Grab Handle - Fully Polished Aluminium Top quality precision made from..
£59.98 £49.99
text_tax £41.66

Enamel Sign Group set New -13%
Group set of four enamel signs   1x STOCK DULOP 1 x SHELL MOTOR SPIRIT 1 x CASTROL..
£315.00 £274.99
text_tax £229.16

Enamel Sign Group set aged New -15%
Group set of four enamel signs   1x STOCK DULOP 1 x SHELL MOTOR SPIRIT 1 x CASTROL..
£355.00 £299.99
text_tax £249.99

_V_O_L_K_S_W_A_G_E_N_ New -20%
<<< Please note these sets are only available to customers that have pre ordered >>&g..
£125.00 £100.00
text_tax £83.33

FREE Pinup & AAC sticker New
Totally FREE we will even pay the UK postage to send you or low cost to wherever you are in the worl..
text_tax £0.01

Split Bus drinks holder - fully polished aluminium Very cool drinks holder that just hooks throug..
text_tax £33.33

Show Quality 356 Headlight Grilles   Highly desirable headlight grills for early bugs, Sp..
text_tax £74.99

Due to popular demand our Pin Up stickers are now available 12cm wide   Don't for..
text_tax £2.08

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